creative technology solutions

for the automotive industry

A holistic approach to automotive innovation

Our products connect key stages of the vehicle lifecycle, creating business solutions that generate value
across the industry, for manufacturers, retailers, insurers and brokers, fleets, repairers and recyclers.

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Parts facilitates the procurement of top quality, reduced cost parts from trusted suppliers. Our service saves repairers time and is simple and quick to use. Recycled parts ordered though our system are quality graded and covered with a 12-month guarantee.

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Finder is a used vehicle locator software solution.  Developed for insurers, the system allows an insurance company to locate a matching replacement vehicle in a total loss scenario and arrange for a quick purchase, avoiding hire
vehicle costs.

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Assist delivers insurers, brokers and fleet operators a truly market-leading incident management solution. We have a great
reputation with our clients for putting the customer first and our ethical stance on the sustainability of the industry.

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Our remarketing solution for manufacturers and retailers starts with our bespoke vehicle locator software and can include our stock management tool, data feed management platform and image quality control service, as well as our exemplary back-office support.

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The value of quality vehicle imagery is consistently underestimated by retailers. A great image can really make the difference when selling a car. Our team can ensure that every image that goes on your website meets the highest standards. We can even help you set them.

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Autofinity Stock Management Software


Our distribution platform, designed specifically for the automotive industry, allows manufacturers and retailers to list vehicle stock on multiple retail channels and listing sites at once. This helps you extend your reach to new buyers, helping to increase sales.

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Technology-driven solutions backed by a dedicated team

Insurance Providers

We provide our insurance clients with solutions that improve customer satisfaction and retention, help avoid total losses and create cost savings on claims.

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Repairers and Service Centres

Through our Parts marketplace and Assist repair network, we can offer vehicle repairers, body shops and service centres a unique way to increase business profits.

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Dealerships & Retailers

Our retail solution ensures that every used car on your stocklist has the best chance to sell, whether on your own website or on the many vehicle retail sites used by buyers. We can also help your business maximise aftersales profit through our Parts marketplace.

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Motor Fleets

Our primary focus for fleet clients is on saving all parties time and money in the event of an incident. We excel at third party intervention and first notification of loss, and are constantly innovating to improve our incident management service.

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Transmission: insights into the vehicle lifecycle