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We believe that our vehicle remarketing software tools are the best in the business. But we know that on its own, technology isn’t enough to make a truly impressive impact on our clients’ business.

Our vehicle remarketing solution marries market-leading technology with personal communication and support. To ensure a truly scalable operation, we ensure our solution fits in with a client’s existing processes and guidelines as closely as possible. Our team works as part of your team.

And it works.

Last year, we helped contribute to the success of our largest automotive client’s wholesale and Approved Used sales businesses. They haven’t had to vastly expand their retail teams to achieve it, and are running more efficient operations across their network.

Retail vehicle sales

Our systems facilitate vehicle sales to the general public through manufacturer Approved Used programmes and for independent retail groups.

The vehicle locator software offers a wide range of functionality such as lead generation, car reservations, enhanced content, sales promotion and device optimisation. We are able to offer analytics on customer interaction and third-party tagging, which are fed into our Back Office reporting tool.

The vehicle locator works in concert with our stock management system and support services. This enables retailers to input and manage their stock within the system, choosing the vehicles to display on their own and third-party sites.

The system can provide the ability to convert VIN data or CAP taxonomy into rich vehicle descriptions, upload and manage images and video, report on stock numbers and website activity, conduct automatic stock health checks and facilitate stock transfers between retailers.

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Feeds – extending your brand reach on third party retail sites

It’s costly and time consuming to send a high volume of stock out to different portals and systems, as each one usually requires a separate data feed format. Our distribution platform has been developed over years to provide robust, regular stock delivery to a variety of industry standard and bespoke retail websites and stock listing systems.

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Internal vehicle sales

Some clients use our systems to provide internal vehicle search and purchasing for employees. Wholesale administrators can select and price vehicles to offer to employees. This has proved to be a successful company benefit for our clients.

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iQC – Image quality control

Vehicle images are arguably the most important element of a sales listing. Our iQC team will comb through thousands of images uploaded to our dedicated system to ensure that they all adhere to a client’s image standards. Where necessary, we work with clients on creating a standards document that will ensure that all vehicles are doing justice to the brand’s reputation and will look most attractive to buyers.

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Wholesale vehicle sales

Manufacturers use our vehicle locator software as an online wholesale showroom to sell its vehicles to independent retailers.

This connects with further Back Office systems we provide that enable stock management, feed imports, credit management, integration with external IMS, sales and decision management reporting, and purchasing.

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Back office support

Lots of remarketing service providers will have you believe that the technology is enough. They’ll supply you with the software and a training manual and away you go.

You might get a great software solution, but there won’t be anyone on hand making sure that the solution is bedded into your daily operating processes, or ensuring the quality of the output.

With Autofinity, every client has an account manager who is their main point of contact, supported by a back office team who take care of a lot of the details and ensure the service is truly exceptional.

Just a few examples of how we can go the extra mile include: vehicle description maintenance; user/subscription management; network modelling; ‘act as user’ assistance; regular and adhoc reporting and data assistance; and, of course, technical support and systems monitoring.

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