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Bespoke vehicle locator software
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Configured to the requirements of the retailer

Our vehicle locator software can be integrated into an internal or external site to enable users to search for vehicles for sale. The functionality of the software can be configured to the requirements of the retailer.

Features can include:

  •   Bespoke vehicle selection filters
  •   Vehicles that are out of focus
  •   Book a test drive
  •   Direct car reservations
  •   Sharing of vehicle by SMS & social media
  •   Vehicle comparison
  •   Save vehicle to favourites
  •   Similar vehicle listings
  •   Find a retailer functionality
  •   Telephone call tracking and reporting
  •   CRM integration
  •   Sales event promotions
  •   Searchable stock lists
  •   Car of the week highlights
  •   Stock counts for each model
  •   Bespoke stock display rules
  •   Visitor analytics and reporting

We can also provide these services

Web design

Our locator can be designed as part of your existing site, or we can design the entire website around the locator tool.

Search engine optimisation

We ensure that our locator tool and the listings that feed into it are optimised for search.

Bespoke adaptions

We can configure our vehicle locator software to be used for wholesale, retail and/or internal sales.

Stock management

Our back office stock management system feeds into our vehicle locator and can be used across a retail or franchise network.

Feed management

We can deliver your vehicle data to a wide network of third party listings and retail sites using our simple platform.


Our image quality control service ensures every image you publish reflects your brand optimally and has the best chance to achieve a sale.

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