Recycled Parts Provenance

Provenance is establishing the history of a part: the vehicle it came from, its condition, and proof that it is a genuine OE part.
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When is it needed?

Repairers have a responsibility to vehicle owners to establish that a part they are fitting is genuine.

UK vehicle insurers require provenance of a part to ensure that they can provide full indemnity to their policyholder.

How do we ensure the provenance of parts sold through our system?

Recyclers in our network adhere to strict provenance procedures and can be subject to audit by Autofinity Parts at any time.

Recyclers must record the following information on their systems against each part:

Donor vehicle registration number and VIN

Donor vehicle age, mileage, make, model and colour

The name of the person who inspected and graded the part

The date the part was inspected

Images of the part that show the condition

The name of the person completing quality control, the date it was conducted and the outcome.

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