New Parts Suppliers

Sell surplus parts stock to repairers nationwide

Surplus of Unwanted Parts

Suppliers who carry their own stock of new OE parts and have a surplus of unwanted parts sitting in storage could be generating extra revenue for the business by selling these parts in our repairer marketplace.

We have a nationwide network of repairers sourcing their parts through our platform. Why not become a new parts supplier?

Free up valuable storage space

Generate additional revenue

Central payments and invoicing reduces risk

Closed network builds trust between buyer and seller

How it works

As a supplier, it’s easy to sell your parts online using our automated system, here’s how it works:

A buyer chooses from a selection of parts listed against a vehicle

If they choose one of your parts, a request will be logged in your supplier account and emailed to your nominated email account

You accept or reject the request. An acceptance sends a provisional offer with confirmation the part is in stock.

The buyer is notified of all offers. If they choose to purchase your part, an order is created and the part reserved

Arrange delivery of the part to the buyer

Payment is organised through Autofinity to ensure you are recompensed appropriately and in a timely manner.

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