Incident Management

Our incident management solution resolves four simple, yet vital problems: reporting, recovery, repair and remuneration
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Our goal is for all drivers to report incidents at the scene because the less time between an incident and notification of the incident, the lower the cost to settle the claim for all parties involved.

Our First Notification of Loss (FNOL) operators guide drivers through the reporting process and have trauma management training in the case of serious accidents. We assist clients with setting up reporting processes and driver training, and can provide a customised mobile app for drivers to make reporting incidents even easier.

The other type of reporting we facilitiate is Management Information for the client. Clients have access to our claims management.

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No matter the time of day, on receiving notification of an incident our roadside recovery team spring into action. We will assess the nature of the incident and provide recovery support accordingly.

Our control centre co-ordinates between the driver, recovery service, emergency services (where necessary) and the closest repairer in our network to ensure a smooth transfer of the vehicle and the safety of the driver.

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We have a growing network of specialist collision repair centres around the UK which enables the repair of any type of fleet vehicle. Alternatively, we can work with client’s own approved repairer to ensure synergy of processes and a seamless experience.

Our goal is to have vehicles repaired as quickly as possible, to keep costs as low as possible and to avoid total losses. We encourage repairers in our network to use recycled parts, sourced from reliable vehicle recyclers through our Parts procurement service, because this significantly reduces the cost of a repair and can save vehicles from being written off.

While a vehicle is awaiting authority for a repair or when it has been deemed a total loss, we offer free vehicle storage with an Approved Repairer. We also have an excellent vehicle replacement service.


Our Third Party Intervention and Uninsured Loss Recovery services ensure cost efficiencies for all parties involved in the claim, and allow us to maximise cost recoveries for the client and, where relevant, the driver.

We also offer a no-hassle Central Billing service, whereby we take care of the invoicing with the various suppliers and insurers, providing a single itemised invoice to our client.

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