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How it works

Incident notifications in the fleet environment can come from various sources and we acknowledge that brokers work in many ways.

We can provide the following options, all of which can be chosen depending on individual client requirements:

Driver reports the incident directly to our incidents team who notifies both the broker and the fleet manager / administrator of a new incident

Client reports to broker who in turn notifies our incidents team via email or telephone

Driver reports the incident to their internal fleet manager or administrator who in turn notifies our incidents team via email or telephone.

Our incidents team

The incidents team is central to the operation of all accounts and represents a single point of contact. The focus at this stage is to gather accurate data, respond appropriately to the incident circumstances, implement cost control measures and transfer data to all appropriate parties.

Our team provides a 24/7/365 FNOL service which utilises our 3CX phone system and therefore enables our staff to work from home providing a robust and consistent service.

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Our contact centre delivers the following:

Call display to prompt correct response from incidents handler

Dedicated 24/7 in house client branded Incidents Line

Fleet validation or ”non-refusal” approach

Client specific call scripting solutions

Links to immediate mobility solutions

Immediate data transfer to stakeholders

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