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Reach more buyers: Feeds publishes vehicle listings on multiple retail channels at once
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Autofinity Feeds is the ultimate in automotive product feed delivery management.

From your data set, whether it’s managed with our stock management software or on your own system, we will create and deliver daily feeds that ensure your vehicles are seen on all the major industry retail channels, as well as the websites in your network.

Feeds at a glance

Grow you market share

Get a higher volume of vehicles out to market more quickly and ensure your vehicles are found more often by active buyers.

Protect your brand

Your feed is optimised for each automotive retail channel, ensuring consistency and quality of vehicle product information.

Simple, quick, easy

We save you the cost and hassle of creating separate feeds for each retail channel. Send us your data and we’ll do all the work.

Optimise for search

We can optimise your data feed to give your vehicles the best chance of being found in search engines (allowing for host site capability).

Always up-to-date

Feeds can be delivered up to four times daily so only correct, up-to-date vehicles and related data are delivered to each retail channel.

Bespoke feeds

Our standard service feeds a large number of channels. We can also create a bespoke profile to deliver your data to any additional channels.

Seamless set-up, simple process

Simple, Quick, Easy

We’ll learn your business and retail requirements. You’ll let us know the audience and scale of the product reach you want to achieve.

Getting Set Up

We’ll create your feed profile based on the channels you want to reach and the type of product information you want us to deliver.

Getting Found

From the day we go live with your feeds, potential buyers will be able to easily find and view your vehicles on all the major automotive retail sites.

Take Control of your stock data

Use Control, our stock management system, to connect your stock, data distribution and sales processes, providing a central system across your network. Retailers can use the system to:

Enter and edit stock and to upload vehicle images

Manage stock over multiple dealerships and generate a consistent data feed for distribution to retail channels

Move stock between retailers

Gather and report on sales and customer data

Retail channels

Here are just a few of the automotive retail and listings channels your vehicles could be featured on.

Vehicle image quality defines your data

Images sell products. It’s important to make sure that the quality of your vehicle photography matches the quality of the vehicles you are selling.

We’ll work with you to develop image quality standards so that photographs are taken correctly at source, and our quality control team will assess every image you send to the system to weed out any that could damage your brand reputation and your ability to sell the vehicle.

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