Retailers need to adapt as car buyers prefer shopping online


Recent survey results show that people are willing to shop online for their biggest purchases, even their vehicles.

A survey by onepoll, commissioned by FairSquare, asked UK consumers for their opinions on their experiences when buying a car on finance. The results show a clear shift in consumer preferences from retail to e-commerce.

37% of all surveyed said they would consider buying their next car online which is up 12% on 2016.

Surprisingly, it’s not just the younger generations who prefer to shop online – the over 55s are also changing their habits to online. 44% of Millennials and 32% of the older generations would rather choose an online platform for browsing and comparing cars and finance options, rather than go to a dealership.

Top things car buyers dislike the most:

– Visiting dealerships and forecourts
– Filling out lengthy requests for personal information and having to repeat the process with each provider
– Comparing prices of the same car and finance from different retailers
– Feeling pressurised into a sale without time to properly consider
– Inspecting used vehicles

More than half of those surveyed would prefer a simple service, without sales jargon.

Adapting to the digital age

With more people preferring to browse cars online, a retailer or manufacturers website is likely to be the first point of contact in the customers purchasing journey. Retailers and manufacturers need to ensure their websites provide a comprehensive user experience to maximise the sales opportunity.

Websites should be easy to navigate and have all the necessary information readily available. The quality of photographs has a proven impact on sales therefore care should be taken over the photography and images selected. The website needs to bridge the gap between the traditional showroom and online shopping.

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