Roses are red, violets are blue, Brits love their main car, but not as much as number 2!


New research from car insurer LV, reveals that nearly a third (29%) of second car owners love them more than their main car showing that the well-loved, unsung heroes and run-around vehicles play a vital role in family life.

Owners love their second cars so much that a fifth, of the 1,003-people surveyed, give them an affectionate name. A third of drivers reported their second car was named by their partner. 43% of men say their partner named the vehicle versus 27% of women.

Top 10 car names:

1 – Little Red

2 – Betsy

3 – Poppy

4 – Ruby

5 – Minty

6 – Snoopy

7 – Dexter

8 – Annie

9 – Alfie

10 – Doris

The areas in the UK where drivers name their cars most are; Brighton (31%), Cardiff (29%) and Manchester (24%). Looking at age groups, young drivers aged 17-24 came out top with 29% saying they name their cars.

LV are encouraging people to show their love for the unsung heroes of modern households and MD Selwyn Fernandes said ‘’Not all second cars will be flashy cars. In fact, for many people they are the reliable car that is integral to helping family life run smoothly. At LV=, we want to support our customers in any way we can, so we felt it made complete sense to add multi-car insurance to the products we provide. It can deliver significant savings and offers the ease of holding all policies in one place, giving reassurance and confidence to households facing the pressures of modern life.”

The number of cars on the roads is increasing year on year, how many cars in your household and which do you love the most?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sources: View the full press release from LV here

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