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When developing products, our primary aim is always to reduce costs within the vehicle lifecycle for our clients and their customers. Our technology-driven solutions have the additional benefit for insurance providers of increasing customer retention.

Our solutions enable insurance providers to:

Offer policyholders more choice

Keep customer vehicles on the road or get them back on the road quickly

Reduce the cost of motor claims.


Increase customer satisfaction in a total loss scenario

When a customer’s vehicle is written-off, our simple software instantly locates an equivalent replacement vehicle for sale, helping to get them back on the road more quickly.

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Benefits for you

Hold onto customers’ business

Reinforces settlement valuations

Saves you money on hire vehicles

Increases customer satisfaction

Benefits for your customers

Provides more choice after a total loss

Simple vehicle replacement purchase

Reassurance of their vehicle’s value

Avoids a lengthy settlement process

Total loss management

Keeping more vehicles on the road by lowering repair costs

Too few insurance providers are focused on total loss avoidance, instead looking for cost savings through chipping away at repair times or simply avoiding repairs altogether.

However, working to avoid total losses benefits insurance providers in two ways:

1. It keeps vehicles on the road and avoids ending an insurance policy, which causes a customer to review their cover and find insurance elsewhere

2. It reduces the cost of hire vehicles and time spent managing a claim during the settlement process.

Introducing Autofinity Parts

Even with the increasing cost of repairing modern vehicles, we believe that by managing the cost of parts, many more would be eligible for repair instead of being written-off.

Parts is a marketplace platform where repairers can buy new and recycled OE parts at reduced prices, and if they have a surplus stock of new parts they can sell them on. Suppliers are vetted to ensure that parts sold meet the requirements of insurance companies and manufacturer warranties.

Finder is also integral to our total loss management solution, for the cases where a vehicle cannot be saved.

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