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Amazing images sell products iQC ensures that every image you publish shows off your vehicles and your brand to the highest standard

The quality of your photographs and video has a proven impact on sales and is a direct reflection of your brand identity and reputation. Our image quality control solution makes sure every image sells.

Creating guidelines for product photography and video and implementing them on all images submitted across a network every day is time consuming and often monotonous work. This makes it all too easy to let standards slip when done internally. With a large number of product images submitted to your website and third-party retail sites every day , are you willing to risk your reputation?

Why outsource image quality control to Autofinity?

Value for money compared with building an in-house team

Benefit from our years of experience with vehicle product imagery

Free up your quality control team to work on other tasks

We offer an invaluable objective assessment of your photography

How iQC works

Standard Service Features

Collaborative creation or update of a product imagery brand standards document

Implementation of the agreed standards on all imagery across a dealer network

Image and video upload and assessment via our bespoke management system

Images are assessed by a human team who can pick up details an automated system cannot

In addition to the above, we can offer some bespoke services which are not included in our standard iQC service package. These include communication and set-up of standards with your network, working with staff and/or photographers to increase image acceptance rates, liaison with your network, and reporting and analysis.

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