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Replace their vehicle. Retain their business.

When a customer’s vehicle is written off, Finder software can locate and assist in the purchase of an equivalent replacement.



The ability for a claims handler to offer a customer a replacement vehicle of equivalent value, make, model and age, benefits both insurer and customer.

As an insurer, it saves you time searching for comparative vehicles when validating a total loss settlement. Customer satisfaction and loyalty is increased through getting the customer back on the road more quickly, and as a result they are more likely to stick with you to buy their new policy.

Benefits for insurance service providers

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

Simple validation of total loss valuations

Reduces claim costs, particularly vehicle hire

Improves potential for customer retention

How it works

1. A customer’s vehicle is determined to be a total loss

2. The customer chooses to look at replacement vehicles

3. The claims handler searches in Finder for equivalent vehicles

4. A selection of matched vehicles and prices is returned

 5. The claims handler creates a shortlist and sends it to the customer

 6. The customer reviews the shortlist and chooses a vehicle

 7. The customer contacts the dealer directly to arrange a viewing

 8. If the customer decides to purchase, the insurer arranges settlement

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